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As you are all probably wondering, how the heck did the species of Ribs come to be. Well, the answer is simple. Billions of years ago on a planet named Steorra which is a replica of Earth , a species of Ribs evolved in the center of the planet. Since the planet is huge, there are infinite numbers of Ribs species. A civilization began on each piece of the planet of the species. Every day, they reproduced more than 5,000 species of Ribs a day. The city turned into a kingdom. It stayed peaceful for many generations. But, thats when an evil species called the "evil ones" appeared out of no where. They attacked the Ribs kingdom unexpectedly so they had to retreat. Later, the evil ones exploded 1 whole part of the planet and made all the Ribs scatter in different planets like Earth, Pluto, Jupiter, and even more. 


After the evil ones attacked, the whole Ribs species traveled in packs crossing deserts, oceans, and forests. They found a perfect place to settle. The land was called Holarn. The land was warm, cool, and perfect for farming. But, they weren't the first ones there of course. There was a huge species of a stupid and mysterious group called Big Dibs. But, the Big Dibs thought they were being threatened by the Ribs species and attacked the village. Later, right when the leader of all Big Dibs was going to overthrow the Ribs king, Big Dibs surrendered for no reason. But, the Ribs species forgave them and lived together. The more the Ribs conquer, the more chance they get to defeat the "evil ones". 

The Coming of God Ribs

After the Ribs society united with the Big Dibs. Many economic and political independence became 26 times worse. Then, right before they were to grew apart, God Ribs appeared. He became king and their one true God. He made many growths in the Ribs village. He was able to defeat almost half of the "evil ones" by himself. But then, at night, one of the Big Dibs entered the God's house and got a spoon and killed him with it. The Ribs killed the Big Dibs after he went to court and proven guilty. He said that he made a tape of himself killing God Ribs with a spoon but says that the tape is lying. Since they took care of that problem, they had money to pay for weapons and imports which made them wealthier. They now had an advantage over the "evil ones" and their Ribs village, turned into a wealthy kingdom.

The Rise of X-Terminotibs 305

The Ribs kingdom was at its peek. The "evil ones" grew amazingly after X-Terminotibs 305, the evolution of the three drones, evolved. It started a great war against the Ribs. The war caused a great damage of the two nations. The both wealthy kingdoms decreased 5 times. X-Terminotibs 305 attacked the Ribs society many times. The Ribs prayed a lot to their Gods and they finally responded after the sacrificed one of the Big Dibs. The Gods brought X-Terminotibs 305 to their underworld. He was locked there and they reorganized, helped, and made the Ribs kingdom once again wealthy. The "evil ones" gained a lot of power.

 Even Power

The nation of Ribs grew much stronger. The "evil ones" though, grew strong too. A lot new evil Ribs came called Abstractibs, Evil Big Dibs, Terrorist Ribs, and the conquest of X-Terminotibs 305. After this, the "evil ones" kept on threatening the Ribs nations by sending assassins out. This dealt with a huge decrease in the Ribs population and the evil and good once again became even once more.

The Great Battle of Ribs

Soon, a war began with the good and evil. This caused a huge destruction in power and force. Two Gods, which the Ribs sacrificed a Big Dibs earlier, called LA Ribs, Shadow Storm, DL Ribs, Fire Storm, and their dragons. The storms had been born millions of years ago because they started the Ribs naton. They were the strongest gods and were extremely angered by the war. So, they disintegrated both nations and made them cease to exist.

Your Part in the Ribs Game 

Now, your job in the game is to make your own nation and make it wealthy, powerful, and peaceful. You could get trampled by the "evil ones" but fight back because each minute, they will get stronger. Defeat the leader in a war and race to Mount Ancient Ribs before you disintegrate and challenge the Gods to a battle to be leader of the world. After, use your powers to restore Steorra and become the supreme ruler.

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